02 October 2018 Adam Rodgers

How to Know if You Won the Lottery

Many people play the lottery and other contests. They take part in office pools, buy tickets together with their spouse or friends, accept scratch ticket giveaways, enter promotional contests, or just happened to be standing next to someone when they buy a 6/49 ticket. Winning an amount of money or a prize of any significant […]

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06 Jul
06 July 2018 Adam Rodgers

Preparing for Your Discovery Examination

What is a Discovery Examination? A discovery examination is part of the litigation process and occurs after a lawsuit has been filed with the Court and the parties have exchanged all of the relevant documentary and electronic information in their possession.   Why are you being asked to attend a Discovery Examination? A discovery examination […]

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09 Apr
09 April 2018 Adam Rodgers

Can I appeal my criminal conviction? What should I know?

The first thing to be aware of in considering an appeal of your conviction is time. The Notice of Appeal (which starts the appeal process) must be filed within 30 days of your sentence. It is best to speak with a lawyer well before day 30, to allow enough time for the lawyer to give […]

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05 Mar
05 March 2018 Adam Rodgers

How Legal Guidance Supports Entrepreneurship and Small Business Growth

Small business matters for all of us, in communities large or small. We know many of these operations, seeing them on the streets of our economic districts. In many ways, small and medium business enterprises help make our places distinct. They are part of our history, and a vital part of our collective future well-being. […]

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03 Oct
03 October 2017 Adam Rodgers

Typical Closing Costs for Nova Scotia Real Estate Transactions

Purchasing a home, condominium, mobile home, or piece of land is, for many people, the largest and most important transaction in which they will ever be involved. Financing such a purchase can take considerable planning, involving meetings with banks and other mortgage lenders and brokers. Along with the purchase price, it is also helpful when […]

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09 May
09 May 2017 Adam Rodgers

When, and how, to use Gladue Reports for accused Aboriginal Persons.

If an accused identifies as an Aboriginal Person (status or non-status) and their freedom is in jeopardy, their legal counsel has a duty to bring individualized information before the Court in the form of a Gladue Report.   Gladue applies both at bail and sentencing in a criminal proceeding, unless the accused expressly waives their […]

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17 Apr
17 April 2017 Adam Rodgers

An updated look at Cannabis Legalization in Nova Scotia following introduction of the Federal Cannabis Act

The federal government has adopted the main recommendations of the Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation, and has introduced the Cannabis Act to legalize the recreational use of marihuana by adults in Canada.  Cannabis will be available for sale, and people will be able to grow up to four plants of their own. While […]

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06 April 2017 admin

Announcing the Launch of our New Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website! After months of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to officially announce the launch. The new site launch is available and the URL is www.rodgerslaw.ca The new website is interactive and gives better access to Our Areas of Expertise, Our Lawyers, Customers, […]

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