Property & Real Estate

Property & Real Estate

The real estate market can be overwhelming these days. Whether you’re buying your first home in Inverness, selling or leasing property in Halifax, or tackling a major development in Antigonish, you need a real estate lawyer who understands the latest restrictions in real estate law that may affect your purchase, sale, or project development. At Rodgers Law Group, we sympathize with the needs of clients who have real estate questions, and we have the experience to help you overcome your challenges.

Seek a trusted property lawyer with an extensive background in real estate law whether you are in the mainland Nova Scotia area or on the Island of Cape Breton – One that has a thorough knowledge of property & real estate law and a complete understanding of the current real estate business environment.

If you are  in Antigonish, Port Hawkesbury, Inverness, Baddeck, Halifax or surrounding area, we would be pleased to be your legal team with regard to any property related issues you may have, including:

  • Migrating properties
  • The new land registry system
  • Managing the sale of new homes
  • Managing the transfer of commercial properties
  • Mortgages and refinancing
  • Acquisition and Disposition of all property assets
  • Real estate ownership structures – joint venture and partnership / shareholder
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Real estate assembly, development, subdivision and servicing
  • Personal property transactions
  • Title searches
  • Commercial leasing
  • Residential rental agreements
  • Landlord and Tenancy Act

We hold a record of success in representing clients with real estate concerns. Contact us today to get your needs addressed by one of our qualified real estate lawyers.