05 Mar
05 March 2018 Adam Rodgers

How Legal Guidance Supports Entrepreneurship and Small Business Growth

Small business matters for all of us, in communities large or small. We know many of these operations, seeing them on the streets of our economic districts. In many ways, small and medium business enterprises help make our places distinct. They are part of our history, and a vital part of our collective future well-being.

They are significant employers. As of December 2015, small businesses employed 70.5 per cent of the total private labour force in Canada. They are economic engines, contributing an average of 30 per cent to the GDP (gross domestic product) of our province. Given this status, it is incumbent upon us all to support the establishment and growth of more small businesses to maintain (and ultimately improve) our community’s standard of living.

Good legal advice can help small business owners further their goals. Here is an idea of some of the issues small business and startups face, and what Boudrot Rodgers can provide by way of legal services:


  • Often times the people are unsure as to whether they should commence as a sole proprietorship, or as a corporation. We help provide guidance as to what will be most beneficial option, for their specific circumstances. Depending on the nature of the business and the goals of the founders, different decisions will be appropriate, and we can provide all the pros and cons to each option.
  • We can also provide guidance as to the “housekeeping” items that people who have not operated or opened a business before may not anticipate. For example, how to reserve the business name you want, what you need to bring to the bank, and what is required if you run a sole proprietorship compared to an incorporated company.
  • We can also help connect entrepreneurs with other business people who can help assist with their company such as suppliers, regulators, accountants, etc. Basically we try to help them become connected within the business world through our own connections and the goodwill that we have built over time.
  • We can provide legal guidance regarding by-laws associated with a particular business or industry. This could include such things as business permits, what is required for occupancy permits, sign permits, legal advice on when you need these permits and how to get them. If there are problems, we can also appear in court for any type of by-law infraction.
  • We also provide continuing support through such services as drafting contracts, filing or defending lawsuits, demand letters, employment issues, reviewing documents and applications and all of the usual legal solicitor help.
  • We practice real estate and can help assist with property acquisitions as well.


We are business owners ourselves, and have helped many others chart their path to success. In so doing, we believe we help our communities as well. If you are interested in learning more, please contact one of our lawyers for assistance.